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Advertising with Re-Vue

Re-Vue Chicago has been offered for FREE to Chicago rockabilly scenesters for three years.

Re-Vue's staff writers committ substantial time and effort to research and write their articles... for FREE. The editor/publisher puts together the layout and secures the printing each month... for FREE.

We strive to improve the quality of the magazine all the time.  But money is needed for that.  So... encourage advertisers to run ads. We don't actively solicit advertising since it is so time consuming... but we do accept ads quite willingly. 

And now that we're online and the PDF files can find their way globally... it's a great way to market your products to a wider audience.

Re-Vue Chicago Magazine

Advertsing rates

Ad rates with Re-Vue Chicago are SUPER cheap.  We just need to have funds to secure printing from time to time.

Eighth Page -  10.00

Quarter Page - 20.00

Half Page - 30.00

Full Page - 40.00

E-mail revuechicago@yahoo.com to find out the technical parameters.  We'll need copy ready art... menaing a jpg, tif, gif or bmp file.  For full page, you may submit a PDF.  But PDFS are hard to insert into the layout program we use so for smaller sized ads DO NOT submit a pdf.

Susan E. Funk, Editor and Publisher

Have a comment?

Keep it to yourself... Kidding.  Have a story idea or need to get some press for your band? You can send us CDs and we'll have a lucky staff member review it.  E-mail revuechicago@yahoo.com.