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Regarding... Super Savvy Sites


There are a ton of folks out there that are keeping Chicago rockin'.  Visit their stores, restaurants, or cafes.  Go support their bands.  Keep reading their magazines.  In short... let 'em know how you feel.  And it wouldn't hurt to let them know how you found them.  Let them know you read it in Re-Vue Chicago.

Also, starting with the November 2005 issue, we'll use this section to help you track links that have more info on articles we've run.



Re-Vue's Key Sources (at least some of 'em)
Planet Rockabilly

Planet Rockbilly is a super happening site.  Hundreds of people are members globally.  Their record reviews by savage Matt Strickland are a never-ending souce of wisdom.

Chicago Rockabilly Calendar

Hats off to Amy Ott for the illustrious task of maintaining the busy concert and event calendar online.  This task, often thank-less, provides Chicago scenesters with much needed information about weekly events and concert dates as well as other events.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Front Page News

Great for some of those interesting tid-bits about rockabilly artists and events globally. 

Rockabilly Hall of Fame That's News to Me

Another great section with shorter blurbs...

Other Interesting Sites


Martyrs' Nightclub


Beat Kitchen


Gunther Murphy's


Schubas Tavern


Abbey Pub


California Clipper